Thursday, March 23, 2017

Your Turn for #JoyRevisited (Erin)

Good Morning! This week, I could relate to Laurie's post "Joy Revisited." I am absolutely loving my new teaching job, my kiddos are wonderful ages, and my husband is also my best friend. . . but if I am not careful, I can get sad about the fact my oldest daughter only has 2 more years before college, my seniors at school are graduating, my teenage boy doesn't always want to be seen with me, and I only have 6 more months before my youngest is out of single-digits. For "Your Turn" today, I thought we could tweak Laurie's statement below to fit ourselves:

Being a wife, mom, and author is living out my dream, and I'm in danger of missing it. If I can't appreciate these blessings now, then I never will.

Then, I thought I would make a list of things I can be joyful about. Does anyone want to join me?

By posting your "living the dream" statements, or your "Joyful List" in the comments, it is my hope we will encourage each other! Thank you in advance, for posting!

Erin's Dream Statement: Being a wife, mom, teacher and writer is living my dream and I don't want to miss it! Here are some blessings I can appreciate now:

1. Having intellectually stimulating conversations about postmodernism with my 10th-grader
2. When my son kisses the top of my head and doesn't mention the silver hairs
3. When my almost-10-year-old still wants to cuddle and read before bed
4. Making plans to explore random cities here and abroad with my husband
5. Going to my school--every day. Interacting with amazing, fun, crazy, talented students in a Christian environment.
6. Editing my manuscript--which means it is done!
7. Writing scenes from Book 2
8.  The love of God

What blessings can you appreciate now? Let us know! You could even put one on Twitter!



  1. Great list, Erin. I'm still waiting on the wife and mom thing, but I'm grateful for the friends I have and for my family. For the gift of writing. Life would be dull indeed if I didn't have a passion to pursue!

  2. Agreed! It is important to pursue our passions, and not talk ourselves out of them, too!


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