Saturday, February 11, 2017

Top 3 Places to Write (Laura)

People can write anywhere, so long as they have the will. Sometimes, the spare minutes on a lunch break or bus ride are the only ones you can get in a day. But when those blessed moments come along that you get to sit down for some real, dedicated writing time, it's great to find a place that stirs the muses for you or is simply a place you enjoy being while you write. That could mean sitting outside on a quiet patio with a peaceful breeze and the sound of a lake nearby, or in the kitchen with your children running circles around you and burning Pop-Tarts in the toaster while your dog vomits on the floor. Something different works for everyone.

Here are a few of my favorite places to write.

3. Any balcony during any season (but mostly spring)
While I say any balcony, that usually means the one off my apartment. In fact, I think it always does. I just like the idea of other balconies, like the romantic images in my mind of buildings in Italy or even lakeside cabins in Duluth--places I've never been to. I like to be outside, as long as it isn't too cold or hot, and it helps to know people are nearby. They could be walking below or kids could be playing close by. Maybe this one is actually turning out to be a fantasy writing spot. That's okay, I can dream.

2. At home with my cat by my side
I sometimes like to think of my home as my office, but in a good way. Not in the sense that I can't relax there. I like the comfort and familiarity of it and the children's books and family photographs all around me on the shelves, and I love that my cat is there. I don't live with anyone, so it is a quiet and controlled space where I can get buried in my favorite projects. In the evenings, I turn on the lamps to get the right ambiance, flip on the Disney channel for background noise, and curl up in my favorite spot on the couch with a blanket, my laptop resting on a TV-dinner tray, and my kitty tucked inside the curve of my leg, snoring. Those are pretty much some of the best moments I spend writing.

1. A sunny coffee shop
Though introverted, I tend to like having people around, as noted in number three. Just knowing people are there is calming for me and also stimulates my creativity for some reason. Maybe because it makes me feel cozy and comfortable, as long as it's not some wild party. I used to write in the library, but I found it hampering, always being afraid of making noise. I also needed more of a creative feel to the environment, which I apparently don't get from most libraries. Maybe I just need to find one that has big windows and a nice little table in the children's section. In any case, I like the quiet noises and sounds at coffee shops. I feel less isolated, but I can still tuck myself away into my creative mind and work through the hum of people around. It's most convenient if the shop is close to where I live, of course, but that used to pretty much leave Starbucks. That works just fine, but there are some quaint coffee shops and bakeries in Minneapolis, like Royal Grounds, which has great atmosphere. There is also a place called Rustica that recently opened near my neighborhood. It's in a neat historic building, plus it get amazing sunlight in the mornings. Lots of sunlight is ideal for me. I can just curl up in it, like a cat, breathe deeply, and forget everything around me except my most peaceful and invigorating thoughts.

What are your favorite writing places?




  1. What a great list! I can't wait for sun. . .and coffee shops! I actually stayed late at work on Fri and got a lot written before I went home to chaos!

    1. Staying late at work is a good idea!

      Yes, can't wait for more sun!!


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