Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wishful Thinking: The Power of Perfect Multi-Tasking (Erin)

Today, on my local inspirational radio station, I heard some very disturbing news. Apparently, there has been new research that shows your IQ drops as much as 10 points when you are multi-tasking. I hope the drop in IQ is only temporary, and not cumulative, or my IQ is in danger of sinking to a negative number soon.

As a mom, teacher, wife, friend, daughter and sister, not to mention a writer, I am currently spinning a LOT of balls in the air. The thing is, I enjoy all my roles and I feel like God has placed me in them. But, I've been following our Top 3 posts on Superpowers (the list is here, in case you've missed them) and it got me thinking: What one superpower would I want, if I could have a superpower?

We've been watching SuperGirl at our house, for a fun, downtime activity, and I decided the power of Perfect Multi-Tasking would be my most desired superpower. I realize many of us multi-task on a regular basis, but what, you may ask, is Perfect Multi-Tasking? Perfect Multi-Tasking, in my mind, means completing tasks perfectly, without breaking a sweat, while still having amazing hair and make-up. (Maybe I am a little shallow, or maybe I just have admired SuperGirl too long).

At my house, we multi-task regularly, but we have some fails. One night this week, I may have temporarily forgotten that my youngest is a vegetarian (who likes bacon), resulting in her ingesting a supper consisting entirely of pumpkin bread and Halloween candy. Tonight, my husband and I may have miscommunicated, resulting in my son being left at a friend's house an hour longer than he planned, which, in turn, resulted in him being late for Youth Group.

At least I found my youngest and her doll matching SuperGirl costumes for Halloween--and I made the pumpkin bread. Who needs a balanced supper, really? So, yes, as a family, we multi-task a lot, but I wouldn't mind having some of Kara's SuperGirl powers, to make our multi-tasking a bit more productive--or at least just to protect my IQ!

Do you admire a Marvel or DC character and wish you had one of their superpowers? Which superpower would make your life easier?


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