Friday, May 13, 2016

Another Guest Post + Blog Update (Laurie)

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'm excited to share that I visited today to do a guest post as part of her World-Building Wonders series! Check it out here! But *spoiler alert*, the post involves an aspect of my world-building that gets revealed pretty late in my story.

Also, we have a fun update for Lands Uncharted! We're going to start featuring guests on Fridays! It won't be every week, but we're kicking it off with two author interviews: next week, we'll be featuring an interview with Amy Brock McNew as part of her blog tour for her upcoming debut release, Rebirth. The following Friday, we'll be talking with A.J. Cattapan, author of Angelhood. We're hoping to schedule more beyond that as well, so make sure to start stopping by on Fridays so you don't miss any of our special guests!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great world-building post, Laurie! Such an important topic to consider. Every time I hear more about your WIP, I get more excited about it!


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