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Friday, December 16, 2022

Weekend Reads: A Superhero for Christmas by HL Burke


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Weekend Reads: A Superhero for Christmas by HL Burke

I love a good Christmas novella. There's nothing like curling up with a warm beverage - anything from coffee or tea to hot spiced cider, chai, or even a hot chocolate. Cocoa bomb, anyone? I'm particularly fond of standalone novellas because it is a busy season, and I want a read as light and fluffy as a fleece blanket.

H.L. Burke's A Superhero for Christmas hits all the Hallmark movie points in book form.

☑ Wounded hero - Glint has lost his powers
☑ Relatable every-girl - Lara is a journalist from a small town who returns in disgrace
☑ Snark - I mean it is an H.L. Burke book so there's going to be snark
☑ A great supporting cast - I just love Lara's parents and their small-town grocery
☑ Bonus supporting characters - some familiar sables (super-powered folk) make appearances
☑ Humor - it is a rom-com and an H.L. Burke book, so you know it delivers
☑ Girl and guy are at cross purposes - Glint is hiding his lost powers; Lara needs a story and Glint's thin disguise doesn't fool her. Her name is Lara Landis not Lois Lane. A pair of glasses and no Spandex doesn't fool her.

I am kind of a sucker for the whole small town girl/small town guy meet up thing. Bonus that they're both big city refugees. I mean this is a twist on the Guy in a suit losing out to a guy in flannel.

SPOILER ALERT: you can kind of guess the guy in a (superhero) suit wins the girl.
C'mon you know how it ends. Rom coms are about the meet cute and the twists, turns, and embarrassing moments.

As far as spice goes: There are hints these two are grown adults with pasts and a future, but there's no sex, drugs, or other bad behavior.

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